Some of my poetry has been published over the years in small press publications. Examples of the sort of stuff I write can be found under my name in  www.hellopoetry.com and on my blog www.silverscouse.wordpress.com 

Me, Jenni (Winner) and David


 I won second prize in the Slough Writers Poetry Anthology Competition of 2013 with Learning Curves. Here are a couple of poems from the






An image of younger years:

Plying a soft, soothing slime

Of muddy soil. Pleasured dirt,


Where the only clearest crime

For my mother was to the shirt

She had made me wear that day.


The maternal smack did not hurt

So much as the awful way

My ignorance left me in tears.






I live in a neighbourhood and wear it darkly,

tightly over my ears to quiet the arguments,

pulled low to keep me to myself.

I sleep in my neighbourhood for safety

behind four sealed walls of solitude,

a comfort from coldness.

My neighbourhood is made from many fabrics:

real or imagined, most from overseas,

and all I can afford.

One day I shall discard my neighbourhood,

and don my adulthood, which has a peak

for seeing things better.