About me



I am very much enjoying my retirement and indulging in my hobbies of writing, reading, astronomy and playing tennis twice a week. Despite the accompanying photo, my drinking is only occasional. This was on a holiday in Belgium - so many different beers and only five days!


The small and infrequent successes in writing submissions are sufficient to encourage me to carry on, and I enjoy the pursuit anyway.


 I like to travel (in virus-free circumstances!) and especially to places where I can speak with the locals. I remember enough of the French and Spanish I studied at school to be comfortable in a conversation.  I still remember bits of Hungarian I studied many years ago, enough to get by on a trip to Budapest with my daughters a few years ago.


I no longer subscribe to gym membership but in order to keep fit I have started playing tennis again, and I walk a lot, particularly in the small Suffolk town where I now live and the beautiful surrounding countryside and coast. Also, after very many years, I have taken up amateur dramatics with the local Circle67 group.


 I have been married (and divorced) three times which is enough for one lifetime.  Very happy with my partner, Sally, who has stayed with me longer than any of my wives did!