About me



I am very much enjoying my retirement and indulging in my hobbies of writing, reading, astronomy. Despite the accompanying photo, my drinking is only occasional. This was on a holiday in Belgium - so many different beers and only five days!



I like to travel (in virus-free circumstances!) and especially to places where I can speak with the locals. I remember enough of the French and Spanish I studied at school to get by.  I still remember bits of Hungarian I studied many years ago, enough to get by on a trip to Budapest with my daughters a few years ago.


I no longer subscribe to gym membership but in order to keep fit I have started playing tennis again, and I walk a lot, particularly in the small Suffolk town where I now live and the beautiful surrounding countryside and coast. Also, after very many years, I have taken up amateur dramatics with the local Circle67 group.


 I have been married (and divorced) three times which is enough for one lifetime.


I'm from Liverpool ( Red side) originally but left when I was 19 to work in London and have lived in various English counties since then.


I love to travel and to write - sometimes at the same time.


Since moving to Suffolk, I have joined a local writing group at The Cut, local arts centre, and also a local drama group, Circle 67.