The November global novel writing challenge organised by NaNoWriMo - in which the challenge is to write a 50,000 novel during the month of November, has given me the impetus to write two novels:


The Intricate Soul  (Science Fiction - 2010)




The discovery of a rare mineral on Mars and the potential wealth for those seeking to exploit it leads to a power struggle
within the ruling Council of the Solar System. The research into developing synthetic intelligence to produce an independent cybernetic mining workforce, and in particular an experiment on a coma patient, draws Dr Eldin Malok, a senior neuro-surgeon,  into an ethical struggle with the authorities. Is it ever justifiable to tamper with the human mind for the purpose of 'progress'? Malok's fight for what he believes is the sanctity of the human mind, a person's soul, ends in a personal tragedy for him but with a new resolve to continue with what he has begun.


ISBN: 9781781761571

Total Pages: 214

Price: £6.99




This started out as a short story in 1999 which won first prize in Writing Magazine’s science fiction story competition. In a celebrity critique of the story by author Robert Rankin (The Brentford Trilogy etc) he said:


“It’s pretty damned good...Mr Smith’s work falls into the ‘Classic Science Fiction’ mould. It’s very crisply written. It says what it has to say with precision. There’s a theme for an entire novel here.”




Empirical Evidence (Commercial Crime Fiction - 2013)




The downpour caught both Polly and Phil unawares. Polly grabbed Phil’s arm and dragged him though her picket gate and into her cottage. As they stood laughing and shaking the water droplets from head and shoulders, Phil was captivated by the interior. Ranged along shelves against the wall was a magnificent array of all types of pots, bowls, cups, plates and every other ceramic he had ever seen  and some that he wondered as to their function. The highly coloured designs were dazzling and totally engaging.

“Wow!” was all he managed to say.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” She surveyed Phil with a critical eye. After all, Tideford did not have that many young men, unless you included the muscle bound idiot at the pub. She also hated the idea of a possible part-time owner of the cottage across the way just popping down at weekends.

“Cup of tea?” she invited.




The Failed Buddhist [2017  -  Extract]


The critical mass of Maidenhead determines that it will flood within the next thirty years, subsuming Cookham and most of the surrounding countryside. At least that was what Jason recalled being told when he had first entered a sesshun at the Dharma Kumundra House outside Cox Green.  This was given as an example of Karma by the teacher, Jamyi Gewdri, which Jason discovered rather too much later, was in fact an anagram of  Jim Ridgeway, a former local builder and town councillor who was seeking an alternative career path in life.

  As it happened, the whole concept of Jason following the teachings of the Buddha came about through not so much an epiphany as an unfortunate misunderstanding during an England away match in Holland.  There is an easy confusion, especially after six pints of Hoegaarden Dutch beer, between the orange shirts of friendly Holland supporters and the even friendlier faces and saffron robes of members of the Zeedijk Buddhist temple of Amsterdam. 






Still on the lookout for an agent or publisher...any offers?